Simply Burbidge – Split Grey Kitchen
Stunning Simply Burbidge Solid Wood Kew Kitchen in two shades of Grey (Seal and Soft Grey) with beautiful T Bar Chrome handles. Total for all units and handles: £11.500 Solid Subtle sparkle (Bianco Diamente) Pure white worktop flowing down to the floor £3500. The floor is Silver Shadow Honed Marble in 60×90 (£60/m2) with a Pop Art mosaic on the wall to add colour ‘Andy’ £26.09 per Sheet. Designed .
A Langton kitchen
When a local customer came to us for a complete kitchen overhaul, we took their requirements and matched it to Burbidge’s Langton Range. This is a solid wood painted door, available in any colour with a special polyurethane based paint for long term durability. For the floor, a 60x40cm Limestone called London Gray was used and the walls were painted in Manhattan grey colour.
Rustic Stone brick – Oxido Brick
Modern building methods including the use of cement blocks has lead to the charm of natural stone brick walls in the home being lost. With a new build, the beauty of natural stone or the skilled work of the stonemason is normally lost to more affordable building methods, the tilestop range of brick shaped stone cladding lets you bring back the rustic character and charm of the brick in a .
The Polish restaurant with a golden mosaic sparkle
Today we’re going to explore the use of one particular tile and how it can be applied in a variety of different ways to spectacular effect. Gold is the ultimate focus of this article, chosen throughout history for its rarity and associations with glamour and success and now available to transform your own home. Take a look at what can be achieved when you use Metallic Gold Mosiac in .
Multicoloured hexagonal heaven
We don’t have many mosaics styled tiles that are purposely designed for use on the floor but Arte is just that, with a hexagonal rustic looking pattern in multiple colours Arte tile by Dune is perfect for all areas and all spaces.. it wouldn’t look out of place in a café or restaurant, or your own bathroom or kitchen. The mix of colours include random blue, reds, browns and .
Get the surfer look from tiling
Decorating a house by the beach? We highly recommend you take a look at Surf by Dune, this set of 2x 60x30cm tiles offer a Californian surfer lifestyle through colour and character. The warm vintage colouring and graphics will set the tone for the rest of your house. Use with simple white walls and a wooden floor to finish the room. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, even bars .
Premium large form factor cream tiles
Larger tiles make a small to medium size room appear bigger and more opulent. At 90 x 29.5 CM the Imperiale range of tiles comes in a rare large form factor size and is precision cut for a crisp clean finish. Warm bright cream in colour and comes with feature wall tile and matching floor tile for a complete bathroom.            
Tile sets for a fresher kitchen
Two recent additions to our collection that will bounce life into your kitchen.  Al-Andalus and Mayolica will transform your kitchen into something magical and fresh without giving up colour.  Each set features two 25 x 75 cm solid tiles with a pattern to resemble a mosaic style.  Available in a tasty red or fresh blue turquoise, these tiles can be used as a splashback or used to make a .
Pop art ceramic tile Dune Voyage
Voyage into colour and pop art
Voyage from Dune is the 5th pop art tile to be added to our Pop Art and Retro collection, vintage styling and an Andy Warhol type design that wont break the bank. Make your room ‘pop’ with this 1950s inspired pop art tile, mostly British themed with a French Eiffel tower for good measure. It’s bright and fun and will work great with white tiles to keep your room .
Aura Agate Glass-6810
The Aura collection
The Aura collection from Dune features 3 glass tiles, each in their own colour and style. We love this range for the uniqueness each tile brings to the table and the versatility of the tile, made from glass, these tiles can be used in almost any location.  If used in a bathroom or kitchen, the glass surface will make cleaning and maintenance easy. We have a large range of .