Metallic Set: Zoe & Thea

This twin set of metallic appearance mosaics from Dune Ceramics offers rustic character on a clean and crisp mosaic. Available in Sepia or Grayscale colours, Zoe and Thea mosaics have a close up sparkle and plenty of character for adding to your bathroom. Mesh backed, suitable for use on shower walls.

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The wood chip project

https://www.woodfuel-gwynedd.co.uk Our sister company Woodfuel-Gwynedd make Wood Chip for Biomass boilers and the best firewood on the planet! All timber is 100% sustainably sourced, nothing goes to waste! Anything too nice to be burned is cut on the bandsaw and turned into a beautiful beam or plank.

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A new gorgeous pop art mosaic for the collection

A new addition to our collection for 2013 is “Andy” from Dune Ceramics. Inspired by the artist Andy Warhol, this pop art masterpiece is a single ceramic tile (not mesh backed) with the appearance of a mosaic. Fresh colours and New York City retro chic, Andy is perfect for a wide range of applications including […]

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hieroglyphic egypt mosaic

Mosaics – What is a mesh backing?

A mesh backing is a wire net to which the tiles on a mosaic sheet are attached.  Not only does it help give adhesive extra grip, but they allow a mosaic sheet to be cut in to any desired shape. This means you can turn 1 mosaic sheet into 3 or 4 borders and potentially […]

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Brazilian Black Slate

Brazilian Slate tiles are of the highest quality, not to be confused with cheaper hand split slates which do not give the same finish! Black slate gives a nice contemporary feel to any modern building but can comfortably be utilized in a more traditional setting.  Brazilian slate is carefully selected and is of the highest […]

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Welsh Slate (Floor Tiles)

Truly timeless.  Welsh Slate tiles have been utilised around the world for their high quality and intrinsic beauty.  Straight from the mines of the Snowdonia mountains in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales.  500 million years in the making.   Accept no imitations, Welsh Slate is the finest slate in the world. These tiles are offer such great […]

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