Burley Stoves

The most efficient Log burners money can buy.  Order online with free delivery.


Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom, the Burley range boasts advances which result in unsurpassed fuel efficiency and clean burning. This is made possible by the patented fireball method of introducing air.

This creates a stove so advanced that Burley are the only company who can guarantee that their wood burners will delivery more warmth and use less fuel than any comparable stove you may currently have.

Here, our trained staff can explain the benefit of the worlds most efficient stove with their unique patented 4 stage combustion process, this provides maximum heat for the least amount of wood.

Also available is a room seal kit which insures the retention of heat by eliminating the draft caused from the air consumed by the burning of wood

The Firecube Range

Modern Styling – The Firecube range from Burley suit all spaces with the modern contemporary design. 

The main difference between the fireball and fire cube range is the entire front on the firecube range acts as the door.

The Fireball Range

Traditional styling – Best suited to compliment the character of older homes or for rustic space.

The Panoramic Range

Wide and contemporary, the panoramic range offers the design of the firecube in a wide format.

Burley Stove Accessories

Some Burley Stoves can be fitted with a multi-fuel grate, base stands and the room seal kits. Select your stove from the drop box on the item page, if it is not listed then the product is not meant for your stove.

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