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Glass and Ceramic kitchen wall tiles

Over 200 kitchen tiles between more than 10 different collections, Tilestop’s collection of kitchen wall tiles set the benchmark high in style and quality, ensuring you find the right tile for your kitchen. Already have a colour scheme in mind? We have a wide range of colours and styles to fit your exact needs and go with your existing kitchen. Choose colours from white cream or pastel to strong blues, greens and reds, we even have pink!

What makes a good kitchen tile?

An important aspect to take in to account when choosing what to do with your kitchen walls is stain resistance and ease of cleaning, glass and ceramic kitchen wall tiles are a perfect choice for kitchens as they do not absorb dirt and will simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.. perfect for splashback areas. We all know the mess a fry up leaves behind, when the surface of a tile is glazed or made from glass it has a virtually non porous surface and that means dirt can only rest on the surface and not get into the tile.

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