Cotehele Beige is the most beautiful shade of cream we have for a country kitchen. It would not look out of place in a carefully renovated Cotswold cottage or a opulent farm house. Available in a mix of 4 sizes for a pattern or a single size of 60x40cm for straight grout lines.

Each repeat is 0.72m2 with 6 stones in each repeat.

A 40 x 60
B 40 x 40
C 20 x 40
D 20 x 20


Made from Porcelain

Strong and durable, Porcelain is a man-made composite of natural raw materials heated to very high temperatures to form a material perfectly suited for floor tiles. The surface is generally less porous compared to natural stone making maintenance easier and sealing usually an unnecessary requirement.

Can it be used wet areas?


Is it suitable for walls?


Is it suitable for Floors?


Size options

40 x 20 CM, 20 x 20 CM, 40 x 40 cm, 60 x 40 cm


9.5 mm



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