Stand out from the crowd and bring a touch of New York style to your home with these Andy Warhol pop-art inspired mosaic tiles. A great way to make a retro feature wall and create an artistic balance in a stylish minimalist kitchen.

This is a single piece ceramic tile with a mosaic appearance, each tile measures 28.1 x 28.1 cm. The grout lines on the tile are designed to be grouted and the space between each tile should match the grout lines for a seamless look


Made from Ceramic

Ceramic is the perfect choice for wall tiles, combining strength with easy maintenance.

Can it be used wet areas?


Is it suitable for walls?


Is it suitable for Floors?



28.1 x 28.1 cm


10 mm


3 reviews for Andy

  1. MK


    Goes well with minimalist white walls plus anything that is 1950s or 60s style/fashion. a rare find indeed, so glad I found this 10/10 – MK

    (Delivery was fast too)

  2. popeye


    It’s awesome – Writing this despite only having a sample and not placed a full order yet..

    I love the retro classic stuff so this tile is delight to find this before the kitchen gets done up next month. One thing to note is the extra thickness over normal 4 or 5 inch kitchen tiles, also the quality and feel is excellent.

  3. Sk


    Fantastic all round service.

    It’s hard to find andy warehole style tiles like these

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