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Bourgogne Rustic Limestone
Bourgogne Rustic Limestone-7553
Bourgogne Rustic Limestone-7555
Bourgogne Rustic Limestone-7557
Bourgogne Rustic Limestone-7558
Bourgogne Rustic Limestone-7559

Almost indistinguishable from reclaimed stone, Bourgogne belongs to a unique group of pure rustic & farm house style. 20mm in thickness, these flag stone tiles have a heavily weathered surface and tumbled edges.

Each tile comes in a random size of 30, 40 or 50cm in length by a random width.


Made from Limestone

Limestone is a natural material formed over time from seashells, sediments and other minerals. Perfectly suited to most domestic spaces including the Kitchen. As with all natural stone, we recommend sealing Limestone to protect from dirt.

Can it be used wet areas?

Not recommended

Is it suitable for walls?


Is it suitable for Floors?


Size options

30-40-50cm x Random, 60 x Random


20 mm



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