As fresh as an iceberg, the strong white and prominent veining on this porcelain marble make an excellent bathroom tile.

Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, large format porcelain tiles may be subject to a ‘bow’ along the length of larger tiles (60cm or larger). This slight bowing which will fall within European Standards, can cause ‘lipping’ between one tile and the next. If you wish to minimise this, tiles should be laid square, or staggered by not more than a third of a tile length, rather than laying brick-bond. This will minimise the effect of the bowing on the finished look.


Made from Porcelain

Strong and durable, Porcelain is a man-made composite of natural raw materials heated to very high temperatures to form a material perfectly suited for floor tiles. The surface is generally less porous compared to natural stone making maintenance easier and sealing usually an unnecessary requirement.

Can it be used wet areas?


Is it suitable for walls?


Is it suitable for Floors?

Yes - low traffic areas


120 x 60 cm


10 mm



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