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Porcelain tile reclaimed wood
Reclaimed wood-7736
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Convincing, rustic and the one you’ll ultimately end up falling in love with. Reclaimed wood will fool the eye of any beholder, in part due to the way each tile is a mix of tones and patterns. Use in any location, on both the floor and the wall for a convincing wood effect finish. The grey, brown and darker tones make it suitable for high traffic areas where dirt is common. Equally at home in a bathroom for a rustic vibe.


Made from Porcelain

Strong and durable, Porcelain is a man-made material perfectly suited for floor tiles. The surface is generally less porous compared to natural stone making maintenance easier and sealing usually unnecessary.

Can it be used wet areas?


Is it suitable for walls?


Is it suitable for Floors?



15 x 60 cm



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