Important Legal Disclaimer

The pictures and technical information on Tilestop are for the sole purpose of giving an approximate description of the goods. Whilst we try to make sure they are as accurate as possible, they are just an approximate and can be slightly different in colour and shape. The colour of our products may vary from batch to batch.

We cannot guarantee delivery on time and stress that you DO NOT book a tiler until the materials have arrived and are been inspected.

We reserve the right to cancel and fully refund orders that have had the carriage calculated incorrectly.

Tiles are usually heavy and come in multiple sizes, it is difficult for our site to calculate the cost of delivery correctly, although this rarely happens for delivery within the UK, delivery overseas can vary dramatically in price and we recommend you contact us first and we’ll get a quote.

The design of and associated images are property of Tilestop (Ellistone and Slate Consultants LTD), copying of these are strictly prohibited.

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