hieroglyphic egypt mosaic

Mosaics – What is a mesh backing?

A mesh backing is a wire net to which the tiles on a mosaic sheet are attached.  Not only does it help give adhesive extra grip, but they allow a mosaic sheet to be cut in to any desired shape. This means you can turn 1 mosaic sheet into 3 or 4 borders and potentially save money!

The flexibility with mesh backed mosaics also allow for installation on curved walls/surfaces and because they can be easily cut, little goes to waste.

Mesh backing


Cut from the back, create a straight line by folding the sheet, then simply cut by dragging a stanley knife down the the length of the curve.

Mosaic Mesh backing

Are all mosaics mesh backed?

The vast majority of mosaic come on a mesh backing.

How are mosaic tiles stuck to the mesh?

With a semi transparent adhesive.

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