Rustic Stone brick – Oxido Brick

Modern building methods including the use of cement blocks has lead to the charm of natural stone brick walls in the home being lost. With a new build, the beauty of natural stone or the skilled work of the stonemason is normally lost to more affordable building methods, the tilestop range of brick shaped stone cladding lets you bring back the rustic character and charm of the brick in a modern home.

The product featured in the photos was discontinued ono the 1st 2018. For an alternative have a look at Estratos Oxido

The rustic tones and contrast of Dune’s Oxido Brick bring an exciting atmosphere of adventure and sense of purpose to the space.

Natural light

Let the natural colours of stone fill the light spectrum in your space. Unlike paint, stone has some great advantages when it comes to adding colour to your room.  A wall painted beige will have that exact tone of beige, whereas a wall with beige stone cladding will have every variation of the colour, it’s like upgrading to high definition. Harsh light is also absorbed and softened making your space comfortable in all lighting conditions.

rustic brick effect

mexico brick tile

desert rustic brick

rustic brick

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