How-to: Sealing Slate Tiles

Sealing Slate – The most common mistake we encounter with people using natural stone or slate is inadequate or poor sealing of the surface.  With slate we recommend to both enhance the colour of the slate and seal it from day to day grime you use MN Lithofin Slate Seal (NOT suitable for bathrooms/high moisture areas)- Apply by sponging or brushing on.  We would normally recommend  that you lay the slate first, clean thoroughly before grouting then give it the first coat of sealer, then grout and seal again for a second time. If a matt finish is the preferred option you could alternative use MN Lithofin Stain Stop as this seals the surface but does not enhance or change it’s appearance leaving it as natural as possible.  Welsh slate tends to have a more riven surface which if not sealed correctly increases the risk of ingress of dirt or whose, bleach residue on a riven surface can be very difficult to remove completely.

You should only use slate sealant on riven slate, if you have a polished slate you should use MN Lithofin Stain Stop.

Lithofin Stainstop
Lithofin MN Slate-Seal Lithofin MN Stain-Stop

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