Tiles for your floor

Cottage Flooring

Quaint and Cottage

Admit it, we all desire a slice of country life even if we don’t quite live there. By using stone flags in the kitchen, hall way or living room, you can escape and live a world away from the rat race.

Wood Effect Porcelain

Wood Effect Flooring

Convincingly realistic wood effect tiles, the charm of wood captured in porcelain for a squeak free floor. Hard to believe it’s porcelain!

Original style Alexandrian Cream

Kitchen and Breakfast Room

Arguably the most important and most used room in the house, the kitchen is the heart of the home and it deserves nothing but the best, find only premium Natural Stone and Porcelain flooring tiles that don’t compromise on quality.


Bathroom and Wet Room

One of the most difficult areas to get right is the bathroom, going with natural colours will radiate warmth and give a soft natural ambiance in any light making it great all year round. Alternatively go bright with white and add a splash of colour from our mosaic collection.

Carnaby Tumbled Limestone-7584

Conservatory and Sun Room

Quite often an extension of the dining room or kitchen, the conservatory can use the same tile for the seamless transition from one to another, but where this isn’t the case its always good to use a tiled floor with a matt finish.

Borgia Deco-6886

Feature Floor

Leave a lasting impression on any visitor with a high end polished porcelain centrepiece to compliment a matching surround floor tile.


Slate Tiles

Unbeaten and unrivalled. Slate has an abundance of character that can fill any space.

Bergamo Limestone distressed

Hallway / Lobby

An area that has to cope with it all and still look fantastic, picture muddy boots at the door or guests arriving for a dinner party in heels. Whatever the occasion, this collection of floor tiles will exceed your expectations every time.

Milano Anthracite-6829

Utility Room

Practical and clean, selected for function without compromising on style.